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Downtown Wine Store – A Great Community Gathering Place

I enjoy tasting and drinking wine. I was not a fan of wine, just 8 years ago, but, over the years, have learned to appreciate the complexities of different wines. I used to say I’m a “wine-for-dummies” wine drinker, but I have surpassed that to the next stage: I am beginning to know what I like but am still not a snob. That’s why I enjoy going to the Wine Loft on 401 Columbia Street NW in Downtown Olympia.

Wine Loft Owner, Justin Wilkes

New owner Justin Wilkes is very knowledgeable about his inventory and seeks to educate customers to find a perfect match between wine drinker and wine. Oregon born and raised, he moved up to Washington to learn from one of the master sommeliers. When the opportunity came up, he acquired the little wine shop.

Going into the little 30’x40’ brick building is like walking into an adult candy shop full of wines and spirits. Thought small, he has a nice selection of wines that may or may not be found in big box stores. He greets you and genuinely cares about what your palate desires, what your price point is and what you have an affinity for…then offers you something you may not have tried before. His occasional wine tastings are a must-do on a Saturday afternoon. On a recent visit to the Labor Day Saturday tasting, my friend and I met someone I knew, which is generally the standard for a neat community venue of like kind.

I recommend that part of your Downtown Olympia tour should include (or just make it a point to go) a stop at the Wine Loft. You will be treated like you’re important and not an ignoramus.

If There’s No Job That Utilizes Your Skill Set, Create That Perfect Job

SmallBizYou’ve been working at a company long enough to know it with your eyes closed and you’ve been pursuing your passion that has produced another set of skills. Both allow you to be gainfully employed and then some, but you’re only working the one that guarantees to pay your bills. You aren’t being challenged at your current job and the jobs that would utilize your passion skill sets require years of experience to get hired. What do you do? Consider becoming a business owner.

Being a business owner is no easy feat, but is doable if you do some soul-searching, planning and development of your potential business idea/ideas. Write those ideas down to answer:

  • who is your target market
  • what will you provide
  • why you want provide your goods or services
  • how will you provide those goods or services
  • how much will you need to provide those goods or services
  • where will you provide your goods or services
  • when will you start your business

Visit your local Small Business Association, research your potential competition, interview businesses in the same industry you’re interested in.

You can do anything with careful contemplation, planning and motivation!

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